Monday, January 6, 2014

Moving On :

Moving On :

I am not planning to further my work with the York Rescue Mission until the next holiday. When I went there to volunteer for thanksgiving, they send that all the other openings for the winter were already filled out. It is amazing that people want to help but it's also a little bit of a bummer because I wanted to volunteer again. So I'm planning to volunteer every year for thanksgiving so that I can become involved. Hopefully I will be updating my blog before then In case something comes up!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Becoming a Meteorologist :

       The information that I have researched on becoming a Meteorologist helps people who have the same passion as me in many ways. My research provides them with important information such as the salary, and the degrees needed to become a professional Meteorologist. I also state the courses and classes that should be taken to better understand meteorology. Also, for the people who want to get a head start, I provide information on how to prepare yourself in high-school, for the college courses.
      Recently, I have been completing 20 time planning sheets, to prepare for my rough draft. Over the  final days of the semester, I will be doing a little more research and editing my information to make it into paragraph form. That way, hopefully by next Friday, I will have an informational paper ready to be peer edited.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Tying my passion into a career:

      In the beginning of class today I had no idea how I was going to tie my passion into a successful career choice, because I knew I wanted to g to college no matter what. But then I began researching and I realized how many colleges have journalism and meteorology programs such as Gainesville University. Then I started thinking even further. I realized that if I can become a journalist, I can research all about homeless people, and how to prevent it and prepare. Also , if I become a meteorologist, I could help research when the next big storm is coming and I can help build more storm shelters, and get homeless people somewhere safe. Storms are a cause of families being homeless, and I want to lower that number, and help prevent people from becoming homeless every way that I can.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 21st

        I am very excited to meet my goal of serving food at the York Rescue Mission on November 21st. I have been emailed the rules and requirements of  serving food in the back of the men's department.  Some of the requirements consisted of wearing a hairnets, closed shoes, jeans and a t shirt, and I must be accompanied by an adult or guardian. I already spoke with the head of the volunteer committy to let them know that my grandmother will be accompaining me in the men's department and she will be helping to serve thanksgiving dinner. Me and my grandmother have already picked up and filled out the paperwork that was needed in order to volunteer at the York Rescue Mission. I will update around November 22nd on how the volunteering worked out, and when I will be going back! The picture below is just an idea of what it will look like to serve in a homeless shelter. I am assuming that we will be serving a simple, traditional thanksgiving dinner. Can't wait! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pitch Day Presentations:


    Overall I think Pitch Day went very smoothly. After the first couple of adults and administrators came to my table, I became more comfortable speaking about my project. It was a little rough in the beginning with all of the nerves but they were really open to listening about our projects which helped calm my nerves. I think I did pretty good with explaining what 20 time actually is and how it impacted my life. This project helped me so much. Before I knew about 20 time , I was terrible with projects. And after this 20 time project, I feel more confident on thinking on my own. In conclusion, my biggest takeaway from this project is setting a goal, and knowing that I can achieve it.

Pitch Day:

Monday, October 21, 2013

Falling Into Place

Finally hearing back :

       Over the weekend I decided to let my grandmother know that I have chosen her to help me with this project at the York Rescue Mission. She has agreed to talk to the lady I recently spoke with to work out a schedule for when we can come and serve food for the men's department and see if possibly there is anything else needed for the men's department that we can provide. 
       I am now awaiting my grandmothers callback to confirm when we are going to be going to the York rescue mission and fill out the volunteer paperwork. After that is done, everything will seem to be falling right into place, and heading me on the right path to a great grade for my honors English class. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Getting Started:

       Now that I have sucessfully made contact with the head of the York Rescue Misson, everything seems to be falling into place. I was informed that their policy is that I have to do volunteer work with another individual since it is all men working back in the men's department, so I have decided to politely ask my grandmother, who's done work there before, to join me in serving food for the homeless. I was also informed that I must fill out a ton of paperwork. It is seeming like a lot more work than I expected, but I am willing to commit to this for the sake of the grade and my passion of helping the less fortunate.
       I have learned that nothing is quick and easy, in order to get started with something you need to go through preparation, no matter what. I am going to begin consulting with my grandmother , and deciding when to go in to fill out the paperwork to get started. Until then I will just finish thinking through everything that needs to be accomplished by the end of this project. Lastly I need to decide on my goal.